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My grandmother always says, “You are what you eat!” And she’s right. Senior citizens need to think about their gut health since

Suffering from IBS can be unpredictable and frustrating when it happens during working hours. To help manage these uncomfortable feelings and symptoms,

It all started with a feeling of being constantly tired and out of energy. No matter how much sleep I got, it

Our digestive tract is home to an incredible variety of bacteria, ranging from helpful allies in maintaining our health and well-being to

Recent years have seen an increased focus on women’s health, particularly in relation to PMS and other menstrual-related issues. Probiotics are becoming

With frequent stomach problems, I understand the difficulty of finding a lunch that works with my aches and cramps. Through trial and

When I was younger, my carefree attitude towards food led to serious digestive issues in adulthood. Bloating, gas, and constipation caused physical

After years of struggling with digestive issues, I finally found a way to improve my health: probiotics. Despite trying various diets and

After years of struggling with digestive problems and trying different diets and supplements, I have finally decided to take a more holistic

Honestly, I used to be one of those people who thought that stress and digestive problems were two separate issues that had

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Hi, I'm Ciaran, Founder, Author, Recipe Developer, & Researcher

When I discovered the "Second brain" and its transforming effect on my life, I embarked on a journey of discovery into the world of gut health. With a lifelong passion for the natural world and all its remedies, I felt a duty to write and share my knowledge on the importance of probiotics and gut health. My hope is for everyone to find some intriguing insights on how a functioning clean gut can really transform your life

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