Visit to All About Kombucha – Home Brewed In The West of Ireland. 

Last week I took a trip to the west of Ireland to visit the pioneers of Kombucha brewing on the Island. Nestled in Galthacht region of Galway. All about are authentic brewers that produce great tasting flavored Kombucha with many health benefits. 

It was refreshing to speak to Keith and Emmet, who set up one of the first Kombucha fermenters in Ireland. 

All about are a stylish brand who believe in brewing in the right way, not cutting any corners. They became aware of the empowering impact of the gut microbiome when they tried Kombucha for the first time in Canada. Subsequently, the pair set out to bring this novelty back home to Ireland.

From humbling beginnings, the pair converted an old gym and installed simple brewing equipment. In the mean time they were selling avocados at the Galway market to raise the funds so they could upgrade their brewing equipment. They now operate operate out of industrial space in Galway and have developed a strong consumer base supplying to many retailers across Ireland as well as straight to customer. 


I was taken back by their really cool office space. Made from old shipping containers.


  • Organic Ginger & Lemon
  • Organic Raspberry 
  • Organic Blueberry 

Tip : When drinking the Ginger and Lemon, stick a small lemon on the cap like this, it’s luvvly

I can honestly say these flavors taste amazing , a perfect replacement for fizzy drinks while intaking a probiotic. If you put good stuff in your gut you will notice the benefits, check out some of my other articles where I discuss how probiotics can help us with all aspects of life.

All about are aware of the importance of gut health and thrive off educating their customers. Companies like this are a dying breed. I can’t tell you how encouraging it was to see such enthusiasm from young ambitious business owners. Check out the companies website here and please support them.

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  2. What made me start my journey is my daughter goes poop every 3 days. No more, but sometimes even less than that. Then she contracted molluscum and now I’m trying to do double time.

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