What Are The Best Probiotic Drinks That I Can Make Using My Own At Home Ingredients

After years of struggling with digestive issues, I finally found a way to improve my health: probiotics. Despite trying various diets and supplements that didn’t work for me, these tiny micro-organisms have been the answer to better digestion.

My friend’s experience with probiotics led me to explore the potential benefits for myself. After researching, I decided that giving them a try was worth it – and so far they’ve been helping my digestive issues!

At first, I simply purchased probiotic supplements from my local health food store. They certainly helped, but I quickly realised that I could get the same benefits from delicious probiotic drinks that I could make at home.

Making my own probiotic drinks quickly became a passion of mine. I would experiment with different ingredients and flavors, trying everything from ginger kombucha to acai berry kefir. As incorporated these homemade beverages into my daily meals while also cutting out any harmful beverages, I noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health. My bloating and discomfort were reduced, and I felt more energised overall.

In this article,  I’m going to share some of the best probiotic drinks that you can make with ingredients in your own home.  From chia seed smoothies to yogurt-based beverages, these recipes will help you improve digestion while promoting healthy gut flora. So grab your ingredients and get ready for a tasty culinary adventure in the kitchen – it’s time to make some amazing probiotic delights!

1.  Coconut Kefir

I remember the first time I heard about kefir. It was during a conversation with a friend who raved about the benefits of this probiotic-rich drink. As someone who constantly struggles with gut health issues, I was intrigued. But when I found out that I could make it at home with coconut milk, I was sold.

Making coconut kefir is surprisingly easy. All you need are activated milk kefir grains and coconut milk. I purchased my milk kefir grains online and was eager to get started.

I poured 2 cups of coconut milk into a glass jar and added the milk kefir grains. Using a non-metal spoon, I gave everything a gentle stir. I then covered the jar with a coffee filter secured by a rubber band.

The hardest part of making coconut kefir is waiting. The mixture needs to culture at room temperature between 68°-85°F for at least 12 hours. I left mine out for 24 hours to get the desired consistency.

After a few days of fermentation, I was excited to finally sample my homemade coconut kefir. To my surprise, the texture and taste far exceeded expectations! It had an incredibly smooth consistency with just the right amount of tangy tartness that made it truly satisfying. My kitchen experiment turned out better than expected – a delicious success!

2. Carrot Turmeric Drink

I was hesitant to try my hand at creating a carrot ginger turmeric beverage, but the unique blend of flavors won me over. The taste is tangy and slightly spicy – an unforgettable experience!

To begin my recipe, I gave all the ingredients a thorough cleaning. Rather than peeling off the lemon’s skin, I left it intact and focused on giving ginger, turmeric, and carrots an extra-scrubbed wash to ensure they were perfectly clean for use in my dish.

Next, I added all the ingredients to my juicer and started the process. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized as my juicer spun to life, breaking down a colorful blend of vegetables and fruits. The tantalizing aroma that filled the air was quickly followed by an inviting orange juice – ready for me to enjoy!

I was immediately taken in by the delightful blend of sweet carrots, tangy lemon, and zesty ginger-turmeric. One sip of this divine concoction convinced me that it would become my new favorite drink!

3.  Green Smoothie

During the summer, I find that smoothies are an easy and delicious way to kick-start my day. Not only do they take no time at all to make but also provide a nutritious blend of fruits and veggies – perfect for adding some extra greens into your diet!

Enjoy a revitalizing green smoothie with an unbeatable combination of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, and lime juice. Sweeten it up with honey for the perfect refreshing beverage – topped off with some ice cubes to make sure you stay cool!

Despite their contrasting flavors, fruits and leafy vegetables can be combined to make a nutritious and delicious beverage. The natural flavor of the fruit creates an amazing balance with the subtle bitterness from the greens for a truly tantalizing drink!

Making green smoothies is a great way to ensure you are getting your essential probiotic boost. Plus, they make an ideal snack or meal replacement throughout the day. So grab your blender and get ready for some green goodness – it’s time to whip up this delicious probiotic treat!

4. Yogurt Parfait

Enjoy a healthy and delicious treat with yogurt parfaits! Perfect for breakfast, snack time, or even as an indulgent dessert – these probiotic-packed treats will leave you feeling satisfied.

This nutritious dish features Greek yogurt as the main ingredient for its rich texture and high-protein content. To add a touch of flavor, I stirred in matcha powder before topping it off with fresh blueberries and crunchy almonds – creating an irresistible parfait packed full of health benefits!

I loved the combination of sweet berries, crunchy nuts, and creamy yogurt. This refreshing treat is easy to make and tastes great – making it an ideal snack for any time of day. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen too!

Indulge in a delicious and nutritious treat with this yogurt parfait! Enjoy the energizing benefits of probiotics for an afternoon snack or after-dinner dessert. Satisfy your cravings today by giving it a try – you won’t regret it!

5. Coconut Water Kombucha

Making homemade kombucha is a satisfying and enjoyable experience, but I recently discovered an even better way to enjoy this beverage: adding coconut water! This small tweak has revolutionized my kombucha-drinking routine.

Combining coconut water and kombucha was an innovative idea I had to reduce my sugar intake. Kombucha’s tangy flavor is often too sour for some, so naturally sweet and refreshing coconut water seemed like the ideal complement – creating a deliciously balanced drink!

To create the perfect coconut kombucha blend, make sure to use pure coconut water without any added sugar or flavorings. Be mindful when choosing products – read labels carefully for the best results.

By blending kombucha and coconut water, I can create a truly unique and tantalizing drink. After fermenting for several days the flavors are combined to perfection, providing an ideal beverage that will cool you down on even the hottest summer day!

Making kombucha is a great way to tap into your creativity and intuition. Each batch can be tailored according to personal preference, with no need for exact measurements or recipes – just rely on what tastes best!


Making probiotic-packed drinks doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up some amazing beverages that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and benefit your overall health. From smoothies to parfaits and coconut water kombucha – there’s something for everyone! So why not have some fun in the kitchen and give these probiotic-packed drinks a try? Your body will thank you!

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